An ideal medical system

would incorporate all evidence-based healing modalities into western medicine, thereby encompassing key aspects of all major forms of medicine into one practice. Physicians educated in Allopathic Medicine are thoroughly taught the basics of all subspecialties, including but not limited to, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, nephrology, hematology, pediatrics and gynecology. In an optimal healthcare system doctors would be educated in, at minimum, the fundamentals of all other major forms of medicine, such as Integrative, Functional, Preventative, etc.

Inclusion of other healing therapies and approaches to medical care from established evidence-based medical systems would not only increase awareness of alternative options to the care of a patient, but may additionally provide a better risk-benefit ratio, increase cost effectiveness and most importantly, increase efficacy.

Working in conjunction with medical specialists from all fields of medicine could produce more cohesive and comprehensive treatment options and potentially broaden the personalization of medicine, thereby improving the standard of care.

Rooted in studies published in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, whole plant-based nutrition is unparalleled in its ability to prevent, arrest and reverse most chronic illnesses including North America’s leading cause of death, coronary artery disease. Teaching all physicians and healthcare workers the importance of a lifestyle that encompasses whole plant-based nutrition would most likely save our ailing system and the lives of all those trapped in its grip.

Overall, the current state of our medical system is in dire need of change.

It is essential for healthcare practitioners and patients to have this conversation, but more importantly work together to repair our system before it collapses. There is strength in numbers and together we can transform medicine.